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Abram Hendrickson

            Abram Hendrickson is a 6’3 rising senior that is an off-ball guard.  He attends Mechanicsville High School, located in Mechanicsville, Virginia.  With a post covid-19 regular season scheduled this upcoming year he looks to have a breakout season.

            I’ve seen Abram play too many times to count.  The shooting consistency from him is what gives him an edge over other players like him. In his junior season he averaged 7.5 points per game while shooting 54% from the field, and 42% from deep.  This summer I had the honor of coaching him in AAU basketball where he put up 12.3 points per game, shooting 52% from the field, and 39% from behind the arc.  His range is well into NBA range, he should have no issue shooting at the collegiate level.  He is not an elite athlete, he does not blow past defenders off the dribble; but he plays within his game which helps his team succeed.  He has improved tremendously on the defensive end over the last year and I could see him transitioning into a 3-and-D player at the next level. With all that being said, his best quality is his coachability and willingness to listen, and learn.  I look forward to seeing his abilities transfer to the next level.


July 21st 2021
Samuel Grubbs

            Samuel Grubbs is a 6’5 rising senior that plays the wing, and the block.  He attends Mechanicsville High School, located in Mechanicsville, Virginia where he had a solid junior season.

            I’ve had the honor of coaching Sam last AAU season, and this current season.  He has made leaps and bounds in all areas of the game in the past year.  He was a varsity starter sophomore, and junior year.  Averaging 8 points, 7 rebounds, and 3 blocks a game in his shortened covid-19 season.  He is a lengthy rim protector with sneaky athletic ability. He finishes well around the rim, and can shoot from deep.  His 6’8 wingspan gives him an advantage when he’s attacking the basket.  Though the AAU season is not far in he is averaging just above 13 points per game.  Once he becomes a more consistent three-point shooter, and creates more for himself off the dribble the sky is the limit.  I look forward to finishing up our travel season, and watching him shine in his senior year.  I have no doubt he will play ball at the next level.


June 7th 2021


Jack Scott

      Jack Scott is a 6’2 junior comb guard that can stretch a defense thin.  He recently wrapped up his junior campaign at Midlothian High School, located in Midlothian, Virginia. With a shortened season due to covid-19 Jack seemed to still flourish through his short stint.

       I had my first look at Jack Scott at an AAU tryout during his sophomore season.  Though it was only a couple of hours he caught my eye with his shooting ability, and effort on the defensive end. I followed a couple of his junior season games and he continued to impress though I felt he was more passive than he should’ve been.  He finished up his season averaging 9 points per game, 4 assists per game, 2 rebounds per game, and shooting 38% from deep.  His shooting range and confidence has rolled over into the AAU season where I have the privilege of coaching him for the first time.  His ability to catch and shoot, and continuously move off the ball to get himself open will be a huge draw for his recruitment. In his first AAU tournament this season he averaged 5 threes made per contest, which should be eye opening for many.  I look forward to watching and helping him grow as a player.  I have no question he will be playing at the next level.

- April 17th 2021


Kavontay Hayes

          Kavontay Hayes is a 5’9 junior that is an athletic combo guard.  He is currently playing at King William High School located in King William, Virginia.  Despite the hardships of COVID-19 and the effects is having on his high school season, Kavontay is making the most out of his games at the varsity level.

            I have been fortunate enough to coach Kavontay for nearly three years in the AAU circuit.  His ceiling is extremely high due to his athletic ability.  As an undersized guard that often plays off ball, there are no negative effects to his game due to stature.  He led the team in blocks and on ball steals this summer for the Underground Phenoms.  He is known as an overly aggressive defender, as well as a slasher who can finish above the rim.  He does have the tendency to favor his right hand, and at times he may get tunnel vision when driving the lane.  He’s a streaky shooter, but the young man can put the ball in the basket; he averages over 18 points per game thus far in his junior year.  I look forward to working with him this summer and helping him get to the collegiate level of basketball.

- February 2nd 2021


Maurice Harmon

           Maurice Harmon is a 6’3 junior that plays the wing, and the block.  He attends Colonial Heights High School, located in Colonial Heights, Virginia.  Maurice is probably more known for his football skills, but put together a strong summer in a short AAU basketball season.  As a sophomore he played in every varsity game, but at a limited roll, this year he is expected to play big minutes helping a veteran Colonials team.

            I’ve had the honor of coaching, and training Maurice this summer.  He has made quite a jump in ability over the last six to nine months.  He is a heads-up lockdown defender with a tendency to overplay the passing lane.  Maurice is the player that is not afraid of contact, and is known for taking charges from help defense.  His offensive skill set was very limited in his sophomore season; but as his trainer and coach over the summer I have witnessed him have plenty of double-digit scoring games.  His ability to get to the bucket mixed with his go-to spin move have benefited him on the scorebook.  He's still not a confident shooter outside of 15 feet, but that will come with consistent reps.  I look forward to watching him excel over the next couple years in football and basketball.  I’m sure he will play at the collegiate level at one.


- November 13th 2020
Tanner Gates

            Tanner Gates is a 6’1 shooting guard that is entering his Senior year at Colonial Heights High School located in Colonial Heights, Virginia. Tanner is a three-sport athlete, as well as a starter this past season for varsity; he played a heavy load of minutes, benefiting the Colonials basketball program.

            I’ve had the honor of helping coach and train Tanner over the last two years.  His skill improves tremendously each season.  During his junior season, he averaged twelve points, seven rebounds, three assists, and his high motor on the court allowed him averaged two steals per game.  I have seen tanner play in thirty or more games, and his hustle and quick trigger when shooting always stands out. Although he does not have great leaping ability, he gets his shot up over taller defenders due to how quickly he can get his shot off.  I believe he will be a key asset for Colonial Heights in the upcoming season.  I look forward to seeing him play his senior season out, as well as seeing what sport he chooses to pursue in college.

- July 29th 2020

James Patterson

        James Patterson is a 6’5 wing that just wrapped up his junior year at Meadowbrook High School in Chesterfield, Virginia.  Next year he will be reclassing into the 2022 class, and he will transfer to The Carmel School in Ruther Glen, Virginia.  I believe the reclass and transfer will sky-rocket Patterson’s recruiting interest.

        I’ve only witnessed Patterson play in person a few times, but his athletic ability immediately stood out.  He ran the floor really well, defended several positions, and he was clearly a highflier with a variety of highlight dunks.  This past season Patterson averaged 16 point per game, and a team high of 8 rebounds per game . Due to the lack of the team’s size at Meadowbrook, he had to play more of a big-man role. While at The Carmel School, he will have the opportunity to play more of a wing/guard position.  This will hopefully give him an opportunity to extend his shooting range and display those abilities for college recruiters. I imagine that over the next year Division 1 offers will start to accumulate!  I look forward to seeing him finish his high school career, as well as seeing where basketball takes him. 

- June 17th 2020

Sincere James

        Sincere James is a freshman at Hopewell High School located in Hopewell, Virginia.  He is a 6’4 wing. He is also only one of two freshmen to play varsity minutes for the blue devils this year. I’ve had the privilege of knowing Sincere for nearly four years now.  Although when I first saw him play he was quite young, I immediately recognized his talent and potential.

         Over the last two years, I have coached Sincere in AAU, as well as coached against him in middle school basketball. During his most recent basketball season, Sincere originally started off on junior varsity; his elite scoring proved his ability to play for varsity. Within his season on junior varsity, he strung together multiple thirty-point games, and he even conquered a season high of forty-one points before being pulled up to varsity.  Although Sincere’s leaping ability is not top-notch, his versatility and ability to use his body is.  He can play both guard positions or on the block due to his size and length.  His role on varsity was limited due to depth, but his future appears to be bright in Hopewell's program. I look forward to watching him continue to grow as a player, as well as helping with his recruiting process.

- May 19th 2020

         Jose Griffin

          Jose Griffin is a 5’10 sophomore point guard at Tidewater Academy located in Wakefield, Virginia.  He was a key varsity player during the Warriors’ last two seasons.  As a sophomore, he earned 2nd team all-conference honors, and he lead his team in assists.

            I’ve watched Jose play basketball well before I knew who he was.  I coached against him several years in AAU, always viewing him as a threat on the court.  More recently, I’ve watched him develop while training him; his willingness to learn has been his greatest asset.  Though Jose is shorter in stature, he is very strong and his body frame is solid.  This combination gives slimmer players trouble on both ends of the court.  His passing ability, mixed with the skill to score at all 3 levels, provides an unpredictable challenge for defenders to face; this allows him to be effective in both scoring and assisting.  If Jose continues his success over the next two years, then he has the ability to be a pure point guard at the collegiate level.  Jose will be transferring in the upcoming year, and I look forward to watching his continued success at his new educational institution.

- April 16th 2020



    Tyheim Love


          Tyheim Love is a 6’0 sophomore point guard at Petersburg High School located in Petersburg, Virginia.  He played a significant role for the Crimson Wave varsity team over the last two seasons, earning him 2nd team all-conference honors this year.  To add to his resume, Tyheim scored the go ahead bucket for Petersburg in conference play to secure them a Class 3 State Tournament bid.

          I’ve had the privilege of watching Tyheim’s game evolve over the last four years.  I have coached him throughout middle school, and I get to watch him play a few times a year in high school.  Tyheim is not a player you would look at and consider to have prototypical elite athletic ability. He doesn’t jump out of the gym, nor is he the fastest on the court, but he often has the most IQ in the game.  There is an effortless look to the way he plays the game. He’s smooth with the ball, and he has an incredible floater from anywhere inside the arc.  You can imagine what kind of shot he took to give Petersburg that state tournament bid.  As a sophomore averaging 15 points a game is no small feat.  He’s an expected scorer, and I imagine that role will grow even more as a junior.  I look forward to continuing to watch him in his high school career and begin his college one.

-March 23rd 2020
     Kylon Lewis           

           Kylon Lewis is a 6’4 junior combo guard at Thomas Dale High School located in Chesterfield, Virginia. He was a huge helping factor in their 6A conference championship, and as they start their state run. Even with his immense success on the court, he is still one of the most underrated players in the state of Virginia.

            I’ve had the privilege of watching Kylon over the last two years in both high school and AAU basketball. He is a long athletic guard who is often given the task of defending the best player on the opposing team. I’ve witnessed him guard positions one through four. He is as quick as any guard, and his 6’10 wingspan makes up for his slender frame while checking low post players. This job can often exhaust an athlete and takes a toll on their offensive game, but this is not the case for Kylon as he averaged over 16 ppg, with 5 rpg, and 3 apg this high school season.  Kylon’s ability to score at all three levels is a huge draw for his recruitment factor. If he has a great summer, and plays in front of the right people, I have no doubt that Division I offers will soon follow.

-March 6th 2020

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